Product Care

At Shinnsparkle, we stand behind the quality of our jewelry. Here's our tips and tricks for getting the longest life out of your new pieces: 

Quality Materials

Our pieces were made with hypoallergenic materials and are lead & nickel free. With proper care and storage they’ll last for many years to come.


The stress of daily wear may eventually leave a layer of dirt, oil and sweat on your new pieces. Simply use a polishing cloth when needed to bring it back to its original shine.

Avoid Moisture & Chemicals

Avoid showering or swimming while wearing and adorn your jewelry after your makeup & hair routine to keep it away from harmful sprays and chemicals. 

Remember, even solid gold pieces can be damaged by the effects of Chlorinated water from swimming pools and hot tubs. 


Store in a cool, dry place. Bathrooms tend to be humid and will expedite tarnishing, especially if left on the counter top. Instead, store your jewelry in a box or in a velvet carrying case.